Product Liability

For manufacturers, distributors, vendors, suppliers and service providers, the quality and safety of their products and of the work or services they perform are central to their business and are what will guarantee that they survive and thrive. The professionals at Langlois Lawyers understand how important this is to their clients and have the skills and abilities that are needed to assist businesses in the manufacturing industry, wherever they may sit in the production and distribution chain and whatever role they may play.

We advise our clients on their operations concerning requirements relating to the design, manufacture, marketing and sale of their products or the work or services they supply, to ensure compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations.

We provide our clients with services relating to:

  • Drafting service or distribution contracts, conventional warranties, methods of use, warnings and disclaimers;
  • Arranging solid, comprehensive insurance coverage against potential risks;
  • The potential consequences of an individual or class action relating to the quality or safety of a product, work or service;
  • Reputational risks arising from questions about the quality or safety of a product.

Whether the issues our clients face involve product design, manufacture or performance, sales, labelling, discovery of defects, implementing and carrying out a recall campaign, bodily injury or other damage, or the enforcement of warranties provided by statute or contract, the members of our multidisciplinary teams have the skills to represent their interests and defend their reputations.