The lawyers in the Langlois Lawyers Securities group act as legal and strategic advisors to corporations for the purposes of their securities transactions on the capital market, and to institutional and private investors.

Rules laid down by law and in articles of incorporation, bylaws, and shareholder agreements must be followed in the event of the departure or arrival of a shareholder, transfers during a reorganization or merger, or in any other event. Contracts must be entered into and the company’s books and records must be updated accordingly. Share transfers involve negotiations that include aspects of business, corporate law, tax law, and accounting.

Our team in this area of practice can assist with:

  • public offerings;
  • private placements of equity and debt securities;
  • restructuring share capital;
  • securities registration and issuance;
  • regulatory inspections and investigations (IIROC, AMF, MFDA, CSF);
  • compliance with securities and continuous disclosure legislation and regulations;
  • regulatory compliance;
  • takeover bids and acquisition structures.