Léonie Derome

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2016
Articling Student 2016, Student-at-Law 2015, Laval University

My experience at Langlois lawyers began with a job as a summer student, followed by my articles there. As soon as I arrived I felt part of a dynamic and stimulating team that prizes excellence and quality of work. I had the opportunity to work on major files and was given both a lot of independence and personal support. I also appreciated being able to work in various areas of the law and having the benefit of the advice and experience of dedicated mentors.

Working at Langlois gives you a strong sense of belonging that makes you want to stay there and develop your skills to your full potential on a long-term basis. I quickly understood why the firm is considered unique and one of the best in Quebec. 



Victoria Lemieux-Brown

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2016
Articling Student 2015, Student-at-Law 2014, Laval University

I started at Langlois lawyers as a student in the summer of 2014, and returned to do my articles in the summer of 2015. I soon realized that I wanted to pursue my career at the firm for a number of reasons, not least of which was the wide variety of interesting and stimulating mandates I was given. My frequent appearances in court on behalf of our clients solidified my interest in litigation. As time went on I was given more and more responsibilities, which made me feel like I was truly involved in and contributing to the development of the files I was working on, while at the same time benefiting from the advice and assistance of the seasoned lawyers I work with, who always put congeniality and teamwork first. I also developed good working relationships with colleagues who are now good friends as well. 

While the firm is known for the professionalism, skill and intellectual rigour of its lawyers, it’s more the human side of the lawyers I work with that I find attractive.



Vincent Plante

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2015
Articling Student 2015, Student-at-Law 2014, Laval University

With some hindsight, I can now say that articling at Langlois lawyers was an excellent decision for me. Very soon into the process, the firm’s lawyers got me involved in major files and ensured that I had all the necessary help and backup. As both a summer student and an articling student at the firm, I assisted lawyers during examinations, trials and closings of business transactions. In addition, the flexibility of the articling process at Langlois gave me exposure to several areas of the law, sharpening my reflexes in those areas, and confirming my attraction to business law.

Over and above the quality of the legal training I got at Langlois, I appreciated feeling part of a tight-knit and competent team that was responsive to feedback from me and my fellow articling students. I realized early on that the firm wants its students to succeed and does everything it can to help them develop into effective lawyers.



Samuel Gagnon

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2015
Articling Student 2015, Student-at-Law 2014, Laval University

No two days are alike.” Those words aptly summarize my experience as a summer and articling student at Langlois lawyers.

After arriving at the firm I quickly became involved in a whole series of files in various areas of the law, including a highly publicized one. I had the opportunity to prepare outlines of argument for litigators, to conduct a post-judgment examination, to draft various types of proceedings, to advise clients on strategy and even attend a criminal trial.

All these mandates were representative of the quality and importance of the work I was assigned as both as a summer student and articling student. In retrospect, this early step in my career was one of the most enriching I have experienced, thanks to the advice and support I was given.

I also found myself in a stimulating and welcoming workplace where the contribution of each member of the team is valued, regardless of the nature of the work he or she performs. My colleagues quickly became my friends, and the succession of social activities at the firm helped strengthen those ties.



Catherine Bourget

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2014
Articling Student 2014, Student-at-Law 2013, Laval University

My summer spent as a student at Langlois lawyers provided a great foretaste of professional practice, as well as excellent preparation for the Bar admission course. I quickly became part of a welcoming and dynamic team that taught me a lot and allowed me to develop good work methods. I was involved in a variety of fascinating cases in very different areas. The mandates I was given were varied and beneficial to my training since the lawyers I worked with always gave me sound advice. Even though I was at the very beginning of my career, I always felt that they had trust in me and that I was fully a part of the cases I was working on.

Most of all, I quickly felt at home on the Langlois lawyers team, and I’m very proud to have been a part of it.



Charles Lapointe

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2014
Articling Student 2013, Student-at-Law 2012-2013, Laval University

Articling at Langlois lawyers allowed me to turn a probationary period for all future lawyers into a useful and enriching experience. I also had the opportunity to work with the firm for several months before the start of my articling. In the first weeks I was quickly involved in important civil and commercial litigation cases. Even before my first official day as an articling student, I had the chance to observe several trials for which I had previously written proceedings and arguments.

Working at Langlois lawyers is also a chance to experience a multitude of areas of law. The lawyers’ experience as well as the feedback and advice you receive after finishing an assigned mandate mean it is possible to learn quickly about the fundamentals of practice such as professionalism, thoroughness, and discipline. I am happy I chose Langlois lawyers as the starting point to my legal career.



Anne-Marie Hébert

Lawyer, Québec Bar 2013
Articling Student 2013, Student-at-Law 2012, Laval University

Articling at Langlois lawyers is more than a step towards the legal profession. It’s quality training where experienced lawyers do everything to allow us to fulfil ourselves and put our knowledge into practice. Regardless of the mandate, we are given major responsibilities that allow us to build strong self-confidence.

During my articling, I was able to work in several areas of law. From the beginning I’ve had the opportunity to work on cases from different areas of the profession that were previously unknown to me. I discovered skills and talents within me that I never knew existed.

While my articling experience in the law office was an incredible learning experience, the feeling of mutual support, sharing, and respect that one finds here every day had an especially big impact on me. There is the feeling that each person is important in making this firm one of the largest law firms in Québec. For all of these reasons I am proud to be a part of the Langlois lawyers family.