Julie Paré


Québec Bar 2012

T +1 514 282 7804

Julie Paré is a lawyer at Langlois Lawyers. She practises in the areas of Aboriginal law, constitutional law, administrative law and education law. More specifically, she has developed comprehensive expertise with regard to the recognition of Aboriginal and treaty rights, environmental protection, sustainable socioeconomic development and education.

She represents Aboriginal governments and organizations in matters of governance and internal policies, drafting of local regulations, negotiation of agreements, consultation processes as well as the implementation of Aboriginal and treaty rights.

Julie took part in many negotiations with various levels of government regarding the implementation of treaties and agreements designed to ensure the recognition of the right to self-government. She also participated in negotiations with respect to the co-management of land use and environmental protection, sustainable economic development, natural resources management, access to private property, and prioritization and training of local labour force.

Furthermore, Julie has worked in the legal department of a school service centre where she developed expertise on education law and access to education for all. Her experience enables her to provide clients with a wider and practical perspective on education law in Quebec.