Victoria Lemieux-Brown

Lawyer - Quebec City

Québec Bar 2016
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Victoria Lemieux-Brown is a lawyer in Langlois lawyers’ Quebec City office. She practices primarily in the area of civil and commercial litigation, and is particularly interested in class actions. 

After working at the firm as a summer student in 2014, Victoria completed her articles there in 2015-2016. While at law school, she worked at the student-run legal aid clinic at Université Laval, providing legal advice to members of the Quebec City community. 

Throughout her university studies, Victoria distinguished herself by achieving excellent results, which led to her inclusion on the Honour Roll of Université Laval’s Faculty of Law upon graduation. 

Victoria carries on her practice in both English and French.


LL.B., Civil Law, Université Laval, 2014

Rankings & Recognitions

2014 – Honour Roll of Université Laval’s Faculty of Law


Representative Work

- Assisted the independent counsel to the Court of Appeal in connection with its inquiry into the conduct of the Honourable Peter R. Bradley;

- Participated in representing the Military Judges of Canada before the Military Judges Compensation Committee;

- Participated in representing various professional orders in judicial review proceedings;

- Assisted senior lawyers in defending Quebec Stevedoring Company Ltd. against two environmental law-based class action lawsuits;

- Assisted senior lawyers in connection with a dispute among shareholders of a major construction company based in Trois-Rivières;

- Acted on behalf of the syndic of a professional order in connection with a serious disciplinary complaint;

- Participated in representing a public body on a preliminary exception to a class action involving Legionnaires’ disease.



Other Publications

2019 – “Chronique – Le privilège relatif aux règlements” (Column – Settlement Privilege), co-authored with Antoine Veillette, Repères, Éditions Yvon Blais, November 2019, EYB2019REP2865.

2019 – “Avocat un jour, avocat toujours” (Once a Lawyer, Always a Lawyer), co-authored with Élisabeth Lachance, Proforma, Jeune Barreau de Québec, October 2019.

2019 – “Le partage et la fin de l’indivision en quelques mots”, (Partition and the End of Indivision – a Synopsis), Copropriété Plus magazine, Autumn 2019.

2019 – Contributor:  “Commentaire sur la décision Duguay c. Compagnie General Motors du Canada – La divulgation de la preuve dans le cadre de l’action collective”, co-authored with Vincent de l’Étoile and Antoine Veillette, Repères, Éditions Yvon Blais, August 2019, EYB2019REP2812.

2019 – “Les obligations et responsabilités du conseil d’administration et du syndicat d’une copropriété”, (The obligations and responsibilities of the board of directors and of the syndicate of co-owners), Copropriété Plus magazine, Summer 2019.

2019 – “Chronique – Les tenants et aboutissants de l’article 342 du Code de procédure civile” (The ins and outs of article 342 of the Code of Civil Procedure), co-authored with Élisabeth Lachance, Repères, Éditions Yvon Blais, June 2019, EYB2019REP2801.

2019 – “Commentaire sur la décision Ville de Laval c. 9314-0887 Québec inc. – La divulgation de la preuve à la suite des interrogatoires préalables et les différents privilèges” (Case comment on Ville de Laval v. 9314-0887 Québec Inc. – Disclosure of evidence following pre-trial examinations, and the various evidentiary privileges), co-authored with Antoine Veillette, Repères, Éditions Yvon Blais, June 2019, EYB2019REP2777.

2019 – “Independent pay commission recommends pay parity for military judges”, The Lawyer’s Daily, April 2019.

2019 – “L’offre d’achat : quelques aspects importants” (The offer to purchase a condominium: some important aspects), co-authored with Sarah Blanchet, Copropriété Plus magazine, Spring 2019.

2019 – “Chronique – La gestion et la protection des renseignements personnels devant les tribunaux et organismes administratifs à l’ère numérique” (Management and protection of personal information before tribunals and other administrative bodies in the digital era), co-authored with Élisabeth Breton and Jean-François De Rico, Repères, Éditions Yvon Blais, February 2019, EYB2019REP2694.

2019 – “Commentaire sur la décision Downey c. Boys – Les vices cachés et la responsabilité professionnelle du courtier immobilier analysés par la Cour supérieure” (Case comment on Downey v. Boys – Hidden defects and the professional liability of a real estate broker analysed by the Superior Court), co-authored with Joanie Proteau, Repères, Éditions Yvon Blais, February 2019, EYB2019REP2692.

2019 – “La location d’un logement détenu en indivision” (The lease of a dwelling belonging to undivided co-owners), co-authored with Sarah Blanchet, Copropriété Plus magazine, Winter 2019.

2018 – “L’hypothèque légale du syndicat de copropriété” (The legal hypothec of a syndicate of co-owners), co-authored with Sarah Blanchet, Copropriété Plus magazine, Autumn 2018.

2018 – “Chronique – Les troubles de voisinage : un survol des principes généraux” (Neighbourhood disturbances – an overview of the general principles), co-authored with Sarah Blanchet and Antoine Veillette, Repères, Éditions Yvon Blais, October 2018, EYB2018REP2579.

2018 – “Enforceability of a Security Deposit Against a Trustee in the Event of the Bankruptcy of a Commercial Tenant”, co-authored with Gabrielle Thibaudeau, Commercial Insolvency Reporter, Vol. 30, No. 4, LexisNexis, April 2018.


Langlois Knowledge


2019 ‒ “Inconduite disciplinaire et vie privée” (Disciplinary misconduct and privacy), conference offered on the internal training day of the Syndic of the Quebec Bar

2019 – “Les différentes immunités de divulgation de la preuve” (The different types of immunity from disclosure of evidence), webinar, Éditions Yvon Blais, October 2019

2018 – Participated in preparing a presentation on the opportunities and deontological issues presented by social media, for the OpenForumOuvert conference on disciplinary law, April 2018

2015 – Participated in preparing a conference presentation on education law, on the topic of the obligation to accommodate those with special needs in an era of fiscal restraint, given by François LeBel and the Honourable Louis LeBel


Since 2019 – Member of the Board of Directors of ÉquiTravail

2018 – Participant in women’s professional development program L’Effet A, autumn 2018

2018 – YWCA training program for prospective corporate directors, Formation Leaders et Décisionnelles

Professional Associations

Since 2019 – Member of the Comité sur la formation for Barreau de Québec

Since 2019 – Member of the Comité du journal Proforma for Jeune Barreau de Québec

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