Raynold Langlois

Québec Bar 1964

Mr. Raynold Langlois passed away on October 29, 2014, consult his tribute page

A Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers, Raynold Langlois was a litigator and strategic advisor to corporate clients. 

He has been prominently involved in hostile takeover bids and related securities litigation. 

He has represented governments and corporations before various regulatory boards, including the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, the Canadian Transportation Agency and the National Energy Board. He has also acted for governments and corporate clients in constitutional, administrative and commercial law matters before trial and appeal courts, including the Federal Courts and the Supreme Court of Canada. 

Raynold was lead counsel to the Canadian federal government in the Urea Formaldehyde Foam Insulation (“UFFI”) case, the most complex product liability suit ever litigated in North America. He also represented the federal government before the Supreme Court of Canada during the references on the repatriation of the Canadian Constitution and the constitutional veto power of the Province of Quebec. He was counsel to the Canadian and Quebec Provincial Court judges associations and represents Quebec’s National Assembly in litigation proceedings related to parliamentary privilege. He has also acted as the appointed independent counsel of the Canadian Judicial Council. 

He has recently been retained to defend a number of corporations in several provincial and national class actions. Often consulted on corporate governance issues, he was also frequently invited to speak on legal and government relations topics.


Civil Law, LL.B., Laval University, 1963

Bachelor of Arts, 1960 

Rankings & Recognitions

The Best Lawyers in Canada 2006 to 2013

Among the top 25 litigation lawyers in Canada by Lexpert magazine 

Québec Bar – “Avocat Émérite” – 2008

LexisNexis® Martindale-Hubbell® AV rating    

Representative Work

  • Supreme Court of Canada Victory

    The Supreme Court of Canada rendered its reasons for judgment on December 19, 2008 for its June 20, 2008 decision approving the proposed $ 51.7 billion privatization of BCE Inc., the largest leveraged buyout in the world.

  • The Firm Wins Dismissal of Court Challenge of Decision of Québec National Assembly’s President

    On September 21, 2010, Quebec Superior Court Justice François Huot dismissed a proceeding brought by Sun Media Corporation and the newspaper Journal du Québec challenging a decision of the President of Quebec’s National Assembly to refuse press-gallery accreditation of two of its journalists.

  • Victory in Superior Court

    On September 27, 2010, in the matter of Yves Gougoux et al. v. Alain Richard (S.C. No 500-17-036017-070) the Quebec Superior Court granted a motion to have a litigant declared quarrelsome. Raynold Langlois, Chantal Chatelain and Fabrice Vil successfully represented the applicants, who were being subjected to abusive and vexatious legal proceedings.

  • An Important Victory for Metro Inc. in an Oppression-Remedy Lawsuit

    Metro Inc., represented by law firm Langlois Kronström Desjardins, has won an important victory in a legal dispute with some of its shareholder merchants. On May 17, 2011, the Honourable Robert Mongeon of the Superior Court of Québec, in a detailed judgment, dismissed the oppression-remedy proceedings claiming abuse of shareholder rights brought by the Regroupement des marchands actionnaires.

Employment law – senior executive
Successfully represented a major financial institution in an action alleging constructive dismissal where the institution’s compliance with applicable rules and good governance norms was at issue (appeal pending).

Various class actions against Visa, MasterCard and Amex
Lead defence counsel for Visa Desjardins in an action claiming the reimbursement of transaction fees and foreign currency conversion charges.

Oppression remedy and cancellation of share issuance proceedings against Metro Inc., a major Canadian grocery retailer 
He successfully defended against the claim of a group of shareholder merchants who maintained, in Québec Superior Court, that Metro’s share-capital structure and the make-up of its board of directors breached their rights.

Judicial review proceedings on behalf of Canadian National Railway Company
Challenged various decisions of the Canadian Transportation Agency.




Other Publications

2014 − “Commission Charbonneau : leçons de gouvernance pour tous”, co-authored with Marie-Geneviève Masson, Bulletin de droit économique, Laval University, May 2014 (French only)

2000 – “L’avènement de la charte canadienne : vers une brimade des droits collectifs et la désolidarisation sociale?” (The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms: will it lead to a suppression of collective rights and a loss of social solidarity?), Les Journées strasbourgeoises, 2000, 53

1998 − “The Story of Steinberg’s, Case Studies in Recent Canadian Insolvency Reorganizations”, In Honour of the Honourable Lloyd W. Houlden, Chapter 21, 1998, Carswell, 491

1997 – “Pour éviter le processus de discipline : se conformer aux règles et aux normes” (Avoiding the Discipline Process: Compliance with Rules and Standards), Raynold Langlois and Tina Hobday, Canadian Institute of Actuaries Bulletin, vol. 7, no. 7, 6-7

1994 – “Crisis Management: A Legal Perspective”, Canadian Corporate Counsel Practice Manual

1991 – “La responsabilité du fabricant en droit civil québécois : d’aujourd’hui à demain” (Manufacturer’s liability under Quebec’s civil law: today and tomorrow), part of the  Journées Louisianaises symposium on the codification of laws in North America at the dawn of the 21st century

1991 – “La cour fédérale : une morte en sursis?” (The Federal Court: a stay of execution?) in Cour fédérale du Canada – 20 ans, Symposium du Vingtième Anniversaire

1991 – “La Cour suprême et les communications” (The Supreme Court of Canada and Communications), Les cahiers de droit (1978) 19 C. de D. 

1989 −  “Limits on Section 7 in the Supreme Court: The Case of the Poisoned Arrow?” in “As the Charter evolves: proceedings of the March 1989 Colloquium of the Canadian Bar Association in Toronto”, edited by Gerald-A. Beaudoin, Cowansville, Yvon Blais Inc., 41

1988 – “Commentaires de Raynold Langlois sur Aide mémoire sur la Cour suprême par Robert Décary” (Comments of Raynold Langlois on a Supreme Court Primer, by Robert Décary), ed. Wilson & Lafleur, no. 103, Montréal, Québec

1987 – “La charte et les règles d’interprétation constitutionnelle” (The Charter and Rules of Constitutional Interpretation), “Causes invoquant la Charte 1986-87 sous la direction de Gérald A. Beaudoin”, Cowansville, Yvon Blais Inc., 385

1986 – “Les clauses limitatives des Chartes canadienne et québécoise des droits et libertés et le fardeau de la preuve” (Privative Clauses in the Canadian and Québec Charters of Rights, and the Burden of Proof), “Perspectives canadiennes et européennes des droits de la personne sous la direction de Daniel Turp et de Gérald A. Beaudoin”, Cowansville, Yvon Blais Inc., 159

1986 – Commentaries on “Canadian Constitutional Law Handbook: Leading Statements, Principles and Precedents”, by Louis B.Z. Davis, Aurora, Ontario: Canada Law Book, 1985, McGill Law Journal, vol. 31, no. 3

1980 – “Une nouvelle fédération canadienne” (A New Canadian Federation in the Constitutional Committee of the Québec Liberal Party), Raynold Langlois et al., Montréal


Langlois Knowledge


2009 – “Everything you ever wanted to know about appeals but were afraid to ask”, Langlois Kronström Desjardins

2007 – “Arbitration Clauses: Some Practical Drafting Tips”, seminar organized by the Canadian Bar Association, Quebec Division

2007 – Panel discussion on “Appellate Advocacy” at the McGill Faculty of Law

2005 – “A Promising Future”, Pretor

2005 – Pierre J. Dalphond, J.A. and  Raynold Langlois, “Everything you ever wanted to know about appeals but were afraid to ask”, continuing education seminar organized by the Young Bar Association of Montreal

2005 – “Solicitor-Client Privilege: A Concept Simple in Appearance Only”, Canada – UK Exchange, House of Lords, London

2002 – “The Impact of the Enron/Worldcom Collapses on the Actuarial Profession in Canada – Boy, Do I Hate My Actuary!”, Discussion paper, CIA

2002 – “Can Abuse of Authority be the Basis for Legal Action against a Member of an Administrative Tribunal?”,  Advanced conference on administrative law for the Canadian Institute

2002 – “Discussion on Judicial Ethics Held for Serbian and Montenegrin Judges”, Round Table, Montréal, Quebec

2001 – “Your Board of Directors: Synergy or Anarchy?”, on the occasion of the 12th Convention of Young Quebec Business-persons

1997 – “The Law of the Sea for Royal Roads Military College”, Senior Reserve Officers’ Conference

1996 – “Address on directors’ liability and corporate governance: A Matter of Simple Common Sense”

1995 – “The Corporate Director’s Role: Steering the Ship in Stormy Waters”, Toronto, Ontario

1995 – Jean-Pierre Bourbonnais, André Perrault and Jean-Guy Sénécal, “The Rules of Corporate Governance – Assessing the Effectiveness of Boards of Directors”

1993 – “In the Wake of the Braer: Do We Need More Regulation?”, Environmental Conference, Quebec City

1992 – “A Lesson in Causation: The UFFI saga”, presentation to The Toxicology Forum, Washington, D.C.

1992 – “The Vulnerability of Corporate Directors”

1991 – “Briefing on the Belanger-Campeau Report: Is Change Avoidable?”, Smith Lyons Langlois Robert, Conference on Constitutional Law

1991 – “Don’t be a Corporate Director Just for the Glory! – Role and functions of boards of directors and management committees”

1990 – “Disaster Management: Liability and Risk”, Presentation to the Second Annual Meeting of the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association

1990 – “Governing Law, Choice of Forum and Jurisdictional Issues in Canada”

1987 – “Noranda Emergency Response Organization – Disaster Management Liability and Risk”, Pointe-Claire, Quebec

1987 – “Promoting a Reasonable Implementation Process for Quebec’s new Civil Code”, Canadian Bar Association, Real Estate Section, Quebec Division, Montréal

1987 – “Presentation on deregulation”, to the Canadian Manufacturers Association, Quebec City

1987 – “The Corporation: A Responsible Corporate Citizen: Myth or Reality”, Montréal, Quebec

1986 – “Disaster Management Liability and Risk, The Niagara Institute, Scarborough, Ontario

1986 – “Applying Rules of Constitutional Interpretation”, Montréal

1985 – “Evidentiary Issues in cases involving the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms”, Montréal

1985 – “How Lawyers should act Responsibly in Crisis Situations”

1984 – “Privative Clauses in the Canadian and Quebec Charters of Rights, and the Burden of Proof,” Montréal

1980 – “The Constitutional Basis of the Canadian Economic System”, for the Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies

1978 – “Government Support for a Canadian Ocean-going Fleet, for the second National Marine Conference”, Ottawa

1978 – “Liability of Maritime Carriers following the Adoption of the Hamburg Rules: Has Anything Really Changed?”

1976 – “Recent Developments in Public and Quasi-public Negotiation Strategies”,  the  Quebec Order of Certified Human Resources and Industrial Relations Counsellors, Montréal

1975 – Address on in rem proceedings in maritime matters

Professional Associations

2008 – Member of the organizing committee of the Journées Strasbourgeoises sponsored by The Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies

2008 – Member of the Ambassadors’ Committee of Laval University’s Chair for Research on Democracy and Parliamentary Institutions

2006-2014 – Director of the Dr. Maurice Bertrand foundation

2006-2014 – Member of the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)

2002-2014 – Secretary of the Canadian Institute for Advanced Legal Studies

2002-2014 – Governor of the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce

1994-2004 – Member of the Federal Court Rules Committee

1992-1996 – Board member and chair (1996) of the Quebec Federation of Chambers of Commerce

1980-1981 – President of the Quebec Division of the Canadian Bar Association

1980-1988 – Member of the board of the Canadian Bar Insurance Association

1980-1986 – Member of the board and executive committee, and vice-chair (1984-1986) of the Board of Trade of Metropolitan Montreal

1975-2014 – Member of the Corporation des conseillers en relations industrielles du Québec (Quebec order of certified human resources and industrial relations counsellors) (CRIA/CIRC)

1974-2014 – Officer of the Order of Military Merit of Canada (O.M.M.)

1960-1980 – Member of the naval reserve of the Canadian Armed Forces; retired with the rank of Captain

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