Antoine Bigenwald

Lawyer, Partner - Montréal

Québec Bar 1991
Lille Bar, France 1996

T +1 514 282 7843

Antoine Bigenwald, a partner and head of the firm’s construction industry group, has specialized in construction law and dispute prevention for more than 20 years. He represents all participants in the construction industry, from project owners to subcontractors, including architects, engineers, promoters, general contractors, sureties and international firm. He has considerable experience in complex litigation cases with multiple parties and lengthy trials. For the past several years, his practice has focused on claims for delays in major construction projects and their impact costs.

Antoine tales a proportionate approach to files that is commensurate with the extent of the risk. He is creative when it comes to alternative dispute-resolution solutions, and combative when it comes to asserting his clients’ rights.