Resignation Without Notice: The Court of Appeal Rules!

In its decision in Pharmacie Jean-Sébastien Blais inc. v. Pharmacie Éric Bergeron et André Vincent Inc., 2018 QCCA 1895, the Quebec Court of Appeal confirmed the unilateral right of a vital employee to resign without notice and to refuse to indemnify his or her employer for loss of clientele following the resignation.

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Commercialization of Legalized Cannabis: A Synopsis

Recreational cannabis hasn’t been legal for long, but a lot of ink has already been spilled about it. While the media have given extensive coverage to its potential health effects and to the impacts and ramifications of cannabis use for employers, little has been said regarding the commercialization and marketing of this new product and its accessories by businesses.

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Cannabis: “Consumer” Protection

Cannabis is now a consumer product in Quebec already captured by a restrictive legislative framework, which includes the Consumer Protection Act (“CPA”).

The CPA is a statute of public order that cannot be set aside and that applies to all contracts in Quebec between a consumer, a natural person acquiring products or services for a personal use, and a merchant in the course of its business.

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The Supreme Court Puts an End to the Judicial Saga Begun by Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited

On November 2 the Supreme Court of Canada rendered a highly anticipated decision in the judicial saga involving Churchill Falls (Labrador) Corporation Limited (“CFLCo”) and Hydro-Québec. The Court dismissed CFLCo’s appeal virtually unanimously for a lack of any legal basis, and in doing so refused to countenance any application of the theory of unforeseeability in Quebec law or any broadening of the concepts of good faith and equity in order to impose on one of the contracting parties an obligation to renegotiate the contract.

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