Pierre-Luc Desgagné at the center of an article on electric transport in La Presse Affaires

Pierre-Luc Desgagné, a partner in the business law group at Langlois lawyers, was recently interviewed for an article in the online business publication La Presse Affaires on issues involving the resale of electricity in order to power electric vehicles, entitled Réflexion nécessaire sur la revente d’« électricité carburant », in which he provides an overview of the legal situation in Quebec, and some thoughts on the future of electric transport and the achievements and ongoing challenges in that area.

“Our decision-makers have been commendably prudent”, he stated. “Before allowing self-driving vehicles on our roads, all safety aspects need to be covered. It is normal to ensure that everything has been anticipated, thought out and tested beforehand. And from what I’ve heard, Quebec is not dragging its heels in this regard.”

To read the full article, in French, please click here.


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