Langlois’ Legal Tips: Settling a Dispute – Release & Discharge

Your work involves managing disputes, and you have just settled a file with one person, but would like to retain the option to sue other parties involved in the dispute. Did you know that the release & discharge that you give this person may preclude you from suing anyone else in connection with the dispute, even parties not covered by the release & discharge?

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Langlois’ Legal Tips : The Shareholder Agreement

You are an entrepreneur and a shareholder of a start-up corporation that you and your partners have created. You would like to have access to the minutes of meetings of the corporation’s board of directors and to the resolutions it has adopted, but you are not a member of the board.

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Langlois’ Legal Tips: Managing Absenteeism

You run a business or you are the head of its human resources department. When an employee with a disability presents you with a letter from a health-care professional specifying that he or she can only do light work, or work on a part-time basis, did you know that you’re not obliged to comply?

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